*Drakes Cakes Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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These questions come from our clients that ask some really good questions.

What does the date represent on the box?

The date on the box is just a sell by date that the plant puts on when they make the Drakes Cake product. It does not mean it is not eatable or goes bad. It is a date that has to be put on as per the FDA.

You can call McKee Foods the owner of Drake's Brand regarding that date code.

How does one become a distributor?

You can go to our website and signup to apply for a distribution area. http://www.drakescakesdistributors.com

How long does it take to be a distributor?

You can reserve the area immediately but the paperwork and the rest of the process can take up to 3 months but we are working to get this process stream lined for quicker turn up.

How do we find out about special sales?

You can go to our website and signup for our emails about when product has special sales. http://www.drakescakesonline.com/drakes_cakes_email_signup_page.htm

I do not want to be a distributor but I would like to purchase a great deal and what a volume discount, what do I have to do?

When you signup to apply as a distributor when they send out the email about the additional information just put in the response that you just want to purchase quantity and that would be all. A representative would get back to you and then if you meet the required volume you would be able to get the discounts.

May I ask to keep an open order for when the Chocolate Mousse Ring Dings are made, that you can notify me?

Yes, you can email us and request that when the factory makes them that you are contacted right away to get your request filled.


I would like to get a Pay Pal Account so I can pay you through that service and they keep my credit card on file so I do not have to enter my card number each time I order. How Do I get a Pay Pal Account?

You can get a Pay Pal Account by clicking on the Link here Get A PAYPAL Account



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